Usha Cook

Usha Cook

The love of good food

For building an online community, we partnered with Usha, one of India's favorite brands, to connect people who love good food. We created an intuitive and responsive website, designed and maintained by team Cobold, plus an inbuilt forum for foodies.

The client

Usha Cook is a community under Usha Brand, one of India's leading consumer durable manufacturers and marketing firms with its wide range of home appliances and power products with a pan India footprint. Usha Cook unites those who welcome good food into their conversations, lives, and homes. It delivers super-handy kitchen appliances and accessories crafted for every culinary experience possible.

How did we help?

We helped Usha with a professional website “Usha Cook” for showcasing and selling its cooking appliances. The website also lets people share their delicious recipes on an inbuilt platform “Usha Club”. This intuitive and responsive website is designed and maintained by the team at Cobold since 2017.

Technology used

Restful API in Drupal (PHP)

· Customizations · Powerful features


· Lightweight · Easy to build · Fast loading

Nuxt Js

· Better user experience · Faster page loads


· User interactions · Animation & effects · Advanced widgets

Color Scheme






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