Avanti Pets

Avanti Pets

Understand. Love. Care.

AVANTI gives shape to the love for animals by producing sustainable, high quality pet products for pet lovers. We’re excited to help clients easily explore AVANTI’s products and solutions through a smooth user experience and a beautiful website design.

The client

AVANTI is an innovative organization led by Raghav and Devika Modi from New Delhi, India. It creates new ideas and RESPLOOT products serving the pet industry along with creating a positive environmental impact.

How did we help?

We delivered a smooth user experience for their online reach through a beautiful website design featuring sustainable, high-quality pet products for pet lovers across the world. The functionality is user-focused with easy-to-navigate pages that allow clients and customers to explore the products and services.

Technology used


· Smooth user experience · All browsers supported


· Greater accessibility · Consistent design · Platform independent

Bootstrap Grid

· Responsive web layout · Easy readability


· Faster web development


· Improves page experience · Better aesthetics

Vanilla Javascript

· Faster · Advanced features


· Customizations · Powerful features

Color Scheme







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