Merino Laminates

Merino Laminates

World-class designs

With world-class products for homes, offices, commercial and public spaces, Merino Laminates inspires infinite design possibilities. We didn’t hold back! We designed, developed, and now maintain the website with user-focused & easy-to-navigate pages that allow clients to explore products and services, easily.

The client

Merino is an integrated manufacturer and marketer of interior solutions with a wide array of world-class products for homes, offices, commercial and public areas. They offer a diverse bouquet of multiple surfaces with infinite design possibilities that showcase their world-class manufacturing prowess.

How did we help?

We are digital partners with Merino to design, develop, and maintain the website featuring the entire range of custom-designed HPL laminates. The functionality is user-focused with easy-to-navigate pages that allow clients and customers to explore the products and services.

Technology used


· Smooth user experience · All browsers supported


· Greater accessibility · Consistent design · Platform independent


· Interactive content · Advanced functionalities


· User interactions · Animation & effects · Advanced widgets


· Powerful Functionality


· Dynamic websites · Advanced functionality


· Dynamic websites · Advanced functionality

Vue Js

· Lightweight · Easy to build · Fast loading

Color Scheme






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