Drishtee Foundation

Drishtee Foundation


Drishtee Foundation, a social enterprise, was established in 2012 and is on a mission to achieve economic equality and sustainable development. They needed a digital solution capable of removing social & economic barriers in the marketplace.


Drishtee envisioned a unique digital solution to power a decentralized, any-time barter transaction network that’s mobile ready and easy to use. Such a network could remove social & economic barriers to fair trade and promote sustainable livelihoods.

The result

We created a digital platform based on two touchpoints. The first, a web app meant to perform the admin function. The admin function monitors, tracks and customizes all project parameters. The second touchpoint is a mobile app, the Miri Market App.

Technology used

React Native

This is an open-source mobile application framework for quickly building interactive user interfaces.


It's a JavaScript library that is used to create web and one page apps with interactive UIs.


An open-source, progressive, lightweight JavaScript framework with various tools to build user interfaces and single-page applications.


A cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment that makes websites and apps run faster.


An open-source programming language that is compatible with most operating systems and scales the performance of the website.


An easy to customize PHP framework for building web apps with powerful performance, features, and scalability.


This is a relational database management system to deploy cloud-native applications for both small and large applications.

Color Scheme






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