The Client

Dhanam is a web application on a mission to impart financial literacy. By tracking expenses, income, and savings, it helps create a monthly budget. It also uses easy to learn chapters and fun quizzes to increase the literacy level of participants.

How did we help?

We created a prototype, prepared documentation and styling documents for the client. The application is designed to look beautiful across all devices. It is easy to use and accessible, with clear and precise content that’s easy to understand.


With a blueprint of the page structure, layout, information, and functions, we ensured that all the design stakeholders are on the same page. We also effectively communicated the basic structure of the app to the end-users.


Our designers, in order to convert ideas into digital form, used prototyping. In short, it is a clickable design of the project. It helps in rectifying errors, if any, before development. It also supports obtaining valuable feedback for the design from various stakeholders.

Color Scheme







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