Bala Janaagraha

Bala Janaagraha

Web design & development

Janaagraha seeks to combine the efforts of the government and the citizenry to improve our society. This specific project aims to achieve this goal by engaging school children from 6th to 12th standard using a mobile-ready, easy-to-navigate, and appealing web platform.

Sign up & project submission

Our custom-based web application is built on the principles of accessibility for an inclusive learning experience. Students can easily sign up and attach their project submissions for evaluation.

Admin panel

Evaluators can easily mark project submissions using an integrated admin panel. Taking into account submitted project details such as team members, schools, photos, videos, and responses, the evaluation system makes use of manual and automatic marking schemes.

Technology used


An open-source, JavaScript framework with various tools to build user interfaces and single-page applications.


An open-source web app framework that simplifies the development of universal or single-page Vue apps.


A cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment that makes websites and apps run faster.


A database program used for high volume data storage with high availability, scaling, and geographic distribution built in.

Color Scheme






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