Drishtee Foundation

Drishtee Foundation


We created a mobile ready platform to enable local level barter transactions that let communities reclaim ownership of both their produce and services, complimenting any-time transactions & remunerations with human-contact led interactions.

Quick facts

  • Not-for-profit industry
  • Services: Digital Transformation Consultancy, Mobile App Development, Web App Development, Development Retainer, DevOpsTechnologies: React Native, React, VueJS, NodeJS, PHP, Laravel, MySQL
  • Technologies: React Native, React, VueJS, NodeJS, PHP, Laravel, MySQL
  • Time to completion: 6 months
  • User base: 1 million users (in 2 years)

The Strategy

A Human Network

Drishtee’s network of project staff would be the support system critical for overcoming the social-economic & technology divide.

Mobile-first Solution

A location agnostic, digital platform that would be able to track, monitor and match demand and supply would be part of the ideal solution.

Fiat Money Independent

To standardize the demand and supply equations, and curb exploitation, a solution independent of government-issued currency was critical.


A solution agile enough to leave room for novel services and produce from any geography would be the only kind that would be sustainable in the long run.

Fair Pricing

Equity in products and services is critical. Normalization of rates to match figures released by Govt. of India with room for customizations.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring rigorous regulatory compliance using standardized KYC guidelines (with Government recognized Identity and Address proof).

The Result

We created a barter marketplace for Drishtee built on two user touchpoints: a web application for administrators – to monitor, track and customize parameters in the project – and a mobile application for the on-ground staff.

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