We implemented a unique evaluation system for a Ministry of Textiles and NIFT sponsored project. It combines a hardware and software based testing system, using computerized image processing to calculate an evaluation score based on different attributes of sewing skills.

Quick facts

  • Manufacturing industry
  • Services: Digital Transformation Consultancy, Web App Development, Desktop App Development, Development Retainer, DevOps, Web API
  • Technologies: Laravel, VueJS, NuxtJS, Python, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Electron, OpenCv
  • Time to completion: 12 months
  • User base: Beta testing is ongoing

The Strategy

Standardize Testing

An unbiased and fair evaluation demands standardized tests with pre-determined benchmarks for consistency across companies and locations.

Make Evaluation Simple

The on-ground evaluators need access to a simple system that prompts them to the next steps. A clean layout combined with straightforward steps to follow can boost the productivity of evaluations, saving time and money.

Avoid High-Bandwidth Demands

Manufacturing units are often located in far-flung places. Any evaluation system then would require to be primarily offline. Once the results have been collated, a simple upload-to-server feature can connect on-ground testing with higher-order processes.

Automate Scoring

To overcome the shortage of qualified evaluators, our scoring system would need to be computer-based. We would need to create an application to read the test results via images, authenticate for quality and score the result based on pre-determined parameters.

The Result

We created a seamless, multiple touchpoint-based testing and marking system for evaluating the skill of sewing machine operators. Our objective and standardized evaluation system makes use of three main parts: A Windows-based desktop application A beautiful and practical web-based, cross-platform app A computer-vision based scoring system

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