Motwane Manufacturing Company

Motwane Manufacturing Company


We created a high-powered, enterprise-grade website that helped one of the leaders in the Indian electrical manufacturing sectors to boost their online credibility and begin catering to a global audience

Quick facts

  • Manufacturing industry
  • Services: Digital Transformation Consultancy, Mobile App Development, Web App Development, Development Retainer, DevOps
  • Technologies: React Native, React, VueJS, NodeJS, PHP, Laravel, MySQL
  • Time to completion: 6 months
  • User base: 1 million users (in 2 years)

The Challenge

Modernize an archaic website with an overwhelming site structure. Colossal amounts of content needed to be organized and then served in a fast, simple and easy to consume manner. A cumbersome user experience needed to be streamlined because the audience were unable to reach the information they desired easily.

The Strategy

Simplify Architecture

A website structure that is cumbersome and difficult to navigate pulls down the web experience for customers.

Streamline Content Layout

Customers need the website’s content to be organized in a manner that is easy to understand and rediscover, should they need it again.

Design For People

A website design that is centered on content, rather than the user, is flawed. We needed goal oriented design focused on the users.

Visual Communication

With such huge amounts of content that is text based, it would be challenging to engage users. Also, with content now being consumed visually, it no longer made sense.

Make It Mobile Friendly

With more than half of web traffic mobile driven, packing all these functionalities into a mobile friendly, enterprise-level design was a practical necessity.

The Result

We created a practically engaging and aesthetically striking website that directly leads users through to completing specific objectives - generating interest, sales leads etc. We did this by optimizing the website structure, making the content served easier to reach and using design features established on intuitive web interfaces and compelling, goal-oriented user journeys.

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