The Miri Market app

The Miri Market app

Why wireframing?

Wireframing is applied to layout content according to user needs. It ensures that the proposed user journey should be clear without bright colors or shading or fancy menus. It also connects the website's information architecture to its visual aesthetics by showing paths between pages.

How does the app works?

The designed application allows users to register their products on the platform. It promotes barter exchange where communities can sell and buy the products. The data in the application is verified by bank details, KYC, qualifications & experiences.

Technology used

React Native

This is an open-source mobile application framework for quickly building interactive user interfaces.


It's a JavaScript library that is used to create web and one page apps with interactive UIs.


An open-source, progressive, lightweight JavaScript framework with various tools to build user interfaces and single-page applications.


A cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment that makes websites and apps run faster.


An open-source programming language that is compatible with most operating systems and scales the performance of the website.


An easy to customize PHP framework for building web apps with powerful performance, features, and scalability.


This is a relational database management system to deploy cloud-native applications for both small and large applications.

Color Scheme






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