The client

For an innovative indemnity and redemption insurance for marketing campaigns to go big, what was needed was a beautiful website to showcase all this style.

How did we help?

We created a stunning website that’s user-friendly and has intuitive navigation. So visitors to the website walk away with all the info about the product, in as little time as possible.

Dual language support

For an international audience and industry, the website needed international reach. This is why we built in multilingual support to the website, seamlessly optimized for great performance.

Technology used


Creates websites with a smooth user experience that engages and retains users. It is also search-friendly.


Specifies how documents are presented to users and allows for greater design consistency, easier maintenance and greater user accessibility.


Often runs instantly within the browser and delivers unique features for an enjoyable user experience.


It is a powerful, code-based tool for creating animations and some incredible special effects.

Color Scheme






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