The client

To compete in the global market, nothing short of a global website will do. Modernizing a legacy website that had a clunky user experience and hierarchy needed a complete overhaul of the present site.

How did we help?

We partnered with Motwane to create an engaging, enterprise-grade website to help boost their online credibility. With user centric webpages and content laid out in an appealing, easy to navigate format, we made Motwane’s website ready for a global audience.


To keep the user experience and user journey front and center, we started with wireframing at a structural level. Before the visual design and page content was even created, we reimagined the layout for the content and functionality, building the website from the ground up.

Technology used


Creates websites with a smooth user experience that engages and retains users. It is also search-friendly.


Specifies how documents are presented to users and allows for greater design consistency, easier maintenance and greater user accessibility.


Often runs instantly within the browser and delivers unique features for an enjoyable user experience.


An open-source content management system that delivers responsive websites with unforgettable experiences.


An open-source programming language that is compatible with most operating systems and scales the performance of the website.

Color Scheme






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